Educational Programs

Evolution of Calculus Courses at NMSU

The calculus program for science and engineering students at New Mexico State University has gone through several major evolutionary changes, each prompted by involvement from new groups of faculty. Today essentially all faculty teaching calculus are voluntarily involved in this ongoing process. Our experiences can serve as an example of how widespread change can occur in a  mathematical sciences department of over 30 research faculty at a state university.

Mathematically Connected Communities

Members of the Department of Mathematical Sciences work with faculty and staff from the College of Education to help middle school mathematics teachers improve their knowledge and understanding of the mathematics they teach in a state-funded program called Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2). Beginning in 2005, this group has held summer academies around the state to support teacher professional development in mathematics.

Partnership Courses and Materials for K-8 Teachers

Here we provide several resources for K-8 teachers to use in the classroom. All of these resources have one goal in mind, ‘Breaking Away from the Mathbook’.

Teaching Discrete Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources 

This site offers written curricular materials, based on primary historical sources, for beginning and advanced undergraduate courses in discrete mathematics and computer science. Such courses, which often cover combinatorics, deductive reasoning (logic) and algorithmic thought, draw a variety of majors, ranging from computer science, mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering to secondary education.

Teaching with Original Historical Sources in Mathematics

Bienvenidos!  Here we offer information and materials on using original historical sources in teaching mathematics. This includes our own experiences and materials, and those of others who are teaching with original sources.