Minor in Mathematics

Requirements for a Minor in Mathematics:

  • A minor in mathematics consists of eighteen (18) or more credit hours of approved course work in mathematics (MATH) and/or statistics and probability (STAT), all completed with a grade of A, B, or C.
  • At least nine (9) of the eighteen credits must be upper division (courses numbered above 300).
  • At least three (3) of the nine upper-division credits must be numbered above 400.
  • At most one of STAT 251, 271, 371, 465 may be included in a minor.
  • Courses taught outside the Department of Mathematical Sciences, but cross-listed as mathematics courses, must be approved in advance by the Mathematical Sciences Department Head.
  • The following are excluded from a minor:
    • Courses numbered below 125;
    • MATH 200, 300, 311,312, 313, 400, 458, 459;
    • STAT 400.
  • Any special topics course, MATH or STAT 301 or MATH or STAT 401, must be approved by the Mathematics Department for credit towards a minor.

Instructions to the Student:

After you have begun your final coursework for the minor:

  • Fill out the reverse side of this sheet and bring it along with an information copy of your latest transcript to the Department of Mathematical Sciences.
  • Be sure that the classes you list on the application are also listed on your transcript. If you are claiming AP credits or Transfer Credits, be sure that each AP course is listed individually on the transcript you submit with this application.
  • If you are listing courses transferred from a previous college, please include a copy of your Evaluation of Transferred credits (available from the registrar’s office).

Your program will be dated and forwarded to the chairman of the Undergraduate Committee for review. Your program will then be evaluated and, if the above requirements are met, it will be approved and forwarded to the Dean of your college. A copy will also be sent to the department of your major.

Note: Any student in a College that is not in the College of Arts and Sciences who fulfills the upper division course requirements for the Minor in Mathematics, will automatically fulfill one Viewing a Wider World requirement under the 9-hour rule.