Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is currently online. Click on the bright blue link labeled “MSC Online Tutoring”. That will open a Zoom meeting waiting room. You will be admitted by the desk assistant who will put you in a Zoom breakout room with a tutor.
Absolutely! Just let the desk assistant know that you are working together. The tutors will be happy to work with you and your friend at the same time.
We specialize in helping those with questions in Mathematics courses:

Math 1215/120: Intermediate Algebra
Math 1220G/120G: College Algebra
Math 1250G/190G: Trigonometry and Precalculus Math 1350G/251G: Introduction to Statistics
Math 1430G/142G: Applications of Calculus I
Math 1511G/191G: Calculus I
Math 1521G/192G: Calculus II

Other Math courses may be supported depending on tutor availability. There is help available in a wider range of courses through Campus Tutoring:
We are not. The hours are:

Monday-Thursday 10am to 7pm.
Friday 10am to 4pm.
Into the foreseeable future, all tutoring will be conducted online.
We do; however, DACC students have help available online and in person through the Academic Readiness Center. They have more generous hours, too.