Applied Math Group

We are working on a variety of applied problems, and members of our group have research on topics like Chaotic Dynamics in Chemical Reactions, Cosmology and Particle Physics, Mathematical Finance, Microbial Growth and Interaction, Liquid Crystals, Statistical Mechanics, Superconductivity, Voltage Collapse in Power, and Vortex Dynamics. Our work has appeared in a number of applied journals such as Microbial Ecology, Mathematical Biosciences, Nonlinearity, Physical Review B, Physica D, as well as those of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Faculty Interest

Professor Mary BallykMary Ballyk

Mathematical Biology and Ecology

Professor baranyErnie Barany

Applied Dynamical Systems, Control Theory

professor jameson cahillJameson Cahill

Applied Harmonic Analysis

professor xuemei Chen

Xuemei Chen

Applied Harmonic Analysis, Sparse Signal Recovery

Andres Contreras Marcillo

Calculus of Variation, Nonlinear Analysis

professor dante de blassDante De Blassie


professor joe lakeyJoe Lakey

Harmonic Analysis, Wavelets


Emeritus & Adjunct Faculty

Bill Julian

William Julian

Mathematical Physics

Professor marcus cohenMarcus Cohen

Mathematical Physics