Wednesday, June 9
7.00-7.20 Opening
June 9, Morning session I 
Chair: Rick Ball
7.20-8.00 Warren McGovern
The mathematical life of Jorge Martinez
8.00-9.00 Achim Jung
Some topics in Domain Theory, Part I
Online coffee
June 9, Morning session II
Chair: Achim Jung
9.30-10.20 Serafina Lapenta
Dualities and logical aspects of Baire functions
June 9, Morning session III
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Constantine Tsinakis
Contributed session 1
Chair: George Metcalfe
Contributed session 2
Chair: Anna Romanowska
10.25-10.55 Giacomo Lenzi
On the Riesz structures of a lattice ordered abelian group
Daniel Rogozin
Reducts of representable relation algebras: finite representability and axiomatisability
Rupal Shroff
A note on extending elements in modular lattices
10.55-11.25 Jean Nganou
A Grothendieck problem for finitely presented
Sándor Jenei
A representation theorem for both even and odd involutive commutative residuated chains by means of direct systems of abelian o-groups
Konstantin Shishov
Lattice-ordered Effect Algebras with $\sqrt{\prime}$
Online lunch
June 9, Afternoon session I
Chair: Ivo Düntsch
12.25-13.15 Sergio Celani
Bitopological duality for some subordination Boolean algebras including compingent and de Vries algebras
June 9, Afternoon session II
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Vincenzo Marra
Contributed session 1
Chair: Michael Hrusak
Contributed session 2
Chair: Nick Galatos
13.20-13.50 Anthony Hager and Brian Wynne
Atoms in the lattice of hull operators on W and in related lattices
Matteo de Ceglie
The V-logic Multiverse and MAXIMIZE
Gavin St. John and Wesley Fussner
A new perspective on quantum substructural logics
13.50-14.20 Patrick Morandi, Guram Bezhanishvili,
and Bruce Olberding
Reflective and coreflective subcategories of bounded archimedean $\ell$-algebras
Santiago Jockwich Martinez
An extended class of non-classical models of ZF
Stefano Bonzio and Andrea Loi
States over Płonka sums of Boolean algebras
Online coffee
June 9, Afternoon session III
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Warren McGovern
14.50-15.30 Manfred Droste
W. Charles Holland and Automorphism Groups of Ordered Sets
15.30-16.10 Michael Darnel
The Conrad-Harvey-Holland Theorem: a review of its impact on the study of lattice-ordered groups
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Warren McGovern
Contributed session 1
Chair: Michael Hrusak
Contributed session 2
Chair: Nick Galatos
16.15-16.45 Homeira Pajoohesh
The Relationship between Partial Metric Varieties and Commuting Powers Varieties
Natasha Dobrinen and Kaiyun Wang
Big Ramsey degrees of universal limit structures
Imanol Mozo Carollo
The univeral completion of C(L) and a localic representation of Riesz spaces