Friday, June 11
June 11, Morning session I
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Themba Dube
Contributed session 1
Chair: Manuel Bodirsky
Contributed session 2
Chair: Francesco Paoli
7.00-7.30 Anneliese Schauerte
Heyting congruences and Booleanness conditions for partial frames
Ciro Russo
Quantale-theoretic tools for the working logician
Paolo Aglianò
Quasivarieties of commutative residuated lattices
7.30-8.00 Igor Arrieta
Sublocales of the assembly of a frame and the T_D-duality
Panagiotis Rouvelas
Directed games
Almudena Colacito
The Equational Theory of Distributive Lattice-Ordered Monoids
June 11, Morning session II
Chair: Marcus Tressl
8.00-9.00 Achim Jung
Some topics in Domain Theory, Part III
Online coffee
June 11, Morning session III
Chair: Keith Kearnes
9.30-10.20 Anna Zamojska-Dzienio and Agata Pilitowska
Semilattice ordered algebras
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Papiya Bhattacharjee
Contributed session 1
Chair: Natasha Dobrinen
Contributed session 2
Chair: Paolo Aglianò
10.25-10.55 Ana Belén Avilez
Localic maps and z-embedded sublocales
Daniel Herden, Manfred Dugas,
and Jordan Courtemanche
Local Automorphisms of Cartesian Products
Manuela Busaniche, Nick Galatos, and Miguel Marcos
Twist structures and Nelson conuclei
10.55-11.25 Frederick Dashiell
Countable Metric Spaces Without Isolated Points
Kentaro Yamamoto
The automorphism group of the Fraisse limit of finite Heyting algebras
Sara Ugolini and Nikolaos Galatos
Generalized divisibility and ordinal sums
Online lunch
June 11, Afternoon session I
Chair: Agnes Szendrei
12.25-13.15 Erhard Aichinger
13.15-13.55 Anatolij Dvurečenskij and Omid Zahiri
What Are Weak Pseudo EMV-algebras?
Online coffee
June 11, Afternoon session II
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Fred Dashiell
14.25-15.05 Vincenzo Marra
Some research directions in the theory of lattice-ordered groups
15.05-15.45 Constantine Tsinakis
The Archimedean Property: New Perspectives
  Holland-Martinez session
Chair: Fred Dashiell
Contributed session 1
Chair: Natasha Dobrinen
15.50-16.20 James Madden, Charles Delzell,
and Oghenetega Ighedo
Conjunctive Join-Semilattices
Will Brian
Covering versus partitioning with Polish spaces