Saturday, June 12
June 12, Morning session I
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Philip Scowcroft
Contributed session 1
Chair: Will Brian
Contributed session 2
Chair: Joel Lucero-Bryan
7.00-7.30 Paul Maurice Dekker, Tommaso Moraschini,
and Nick Bezhanishvili
Interpolation and Beth definability in implicative fragments of IPC
Tuğba Aslan, Mohamed Khaled, and Gergely Székely
On The Networks of Large Embeddings
Thodsaporn Kumduang
Unitary Menger Systems of Idempotent Cyclic Multiplace Functions
7.30-8.00 Nick Bezhanishvili, Miguel Martins,
and Tommaso Moraschini
Bi-Gödel algebras and co-trees
Joel Kuperman, Alejandro Petrovich,
and Pedro Sánchez Terraf
Associative Posets
Meghdad Ghari and Amir Farahmand Parsa
Algebraic Semantics for the Logic of Proofs
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Alexander Kurz
8.05-8.45 Marcus Tressl
dcpo completions and Scott topologies of partially ordered sets
Online coffee
June 12, Morning session II
Chair: Erhard Aichinger
9.15-10.15 Manuel Bodirsky
Minor Identities and Primitive Positive Constructions, Part I
10.15-10.55 Célia Borlido
Extending Priestley duality along full embeddings
Online lunch
June 12, Afternoon session I
Chair: Maria Manuel Clementino
11.55-12.45 Mai Gehrke
Preserving joins at primes
12.45-13.45 Alan Dow
Forcing, Stone spaces and converging sequences, Part I
Online coffee
June 12, Afternoon session II
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Tommaso Moraschini
14.15-14.55 Wesley Holliday
Toward choice-free Esakia duality
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Tommaso Moraschini
Contributed session 1
Chair: Jorge Picado
Contributed session 2
Chair: Peter Mayr
15.00-15.30 Joseph McDonald and Kentaro Yamamoto
Choice-free duality for orthocomplemented lattices by means of spectral spaces
Angel Zaldivar, Francisco Avila,
and Julio César Urenda Castañeda
On the Cantor and the Hilbert cube frames
Alexander Kurz, Wolfgang Poiger, and Bruno Teheux
A chain of adjunctions for BA and any variety generated by a semi-primal bounded lattice expansion
15.30-16.00 William Javier Zuluaga Botero, Ismael Calomino,
and Paula Menchón
A topological duality for monotone expansions of semilattices
Julio Cesar Urenda Castaneda, Francisco Avila,
and Angel Zaldivar Corichi
A Point-Free Version of the Alexandroff-Hausdorff Theorem
Andrew P. K. Craig, Brian A. Davey
and Miroslav Haviar
Dualities for default bilattices and their applications