Sunday, June 13
June 13, Morning session I
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Mamuka Jibladze
Contributed session 1
Chair: Jean Nganou
Contributed session 2
Chair: Alex Citkin
7.00-7.30 Amirhossein Akbar Tabatabai, Majid Alizadeh,
and Masoud Memarzadeh
Generalized Heyting Algebras and Duality
Olim Tuyt
Monadic Residuated Lattices
Willem Conradie, Valentin Goranko, and Peter Jipsen
Algorithmic correspondence for relevance logics:
The algorithm PEARL and its implementation
7.30-8.00 Marco Abbadini
The opposite of the category of compact ordered spaces as an infinitary variety
Claudia Muresan
Varieties of PBZ*-lattices
Naomi Tokuda and George Metcalfe
Deciding dependence
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Manuela Busaniche
8.05-8.45 Samuel J. van Gool
Priestley duality for MV-algebras and beyond
Online coffee
June 13, Morning session II
Chair: Anna Zamojska-Dzienio
9.15-10.15 Manuel Bodirsky
Minor Identities and Primitive Positive Constructions, Part II
10.15-10.55 Luca Reggio
Lovász-type theorems and polyadic spaces
Online lunch
June 13, Afternoon session I
Chair: Nick Bezhanishvili
11.55-12.45 Luca Carai
Esakia's theorem in the monadic setting
12.45-13.45 Alan Dow
Forcing, Stone spaces and converging sequences, Part II
Online coffee
June 13, Afternoon session II
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Wesley Holliday
14.15-14.55 Mamuka Jibladze
A variety of bi-Heyting algebras not generated by complete algebras
  Stone-Priestley session
Chair: Wesley Holliday
Contributed session 1
Chair: Jean Nganou
15.00-15.30 Guram Bezhanishvili, Nick Bezhanishvili,
Tommaso Moraschini, and Michał Stronkowski
Profiniteness and spectra of Heyting algebras
Joseph Van Name
The computation of the 768-th Laver table
15.30-16.00 Nick Bezhanishvili, Damiano Fornasiere,
and Tommaso Moraschini
Representable forests and diamond systems
16.00-16.20 Closing