Giving Tuesday, Dec 3 — contributions matched up to $1000

This occurs on Tuesday December 3. The first $157,000 of donations are matched by other funds. If you have ever considered donating, now is the chance to get twice the bang for your buck. You can either show up early in the morning in person at Corbett center, or simply click on one of the links below to the Mathematical Sciences Department General Fund, or Scholarship fund, and make a contribution online by credit card. Contact us if you need any further information. 


Contribute online by clicking the links


Mathematical Sciences Department General Fund

The Mathematical Sciences Department General Fund is a general operating fund that the department can use for many purposes. It supports direct research and travel of faculty and graduate students, and also outreach and recruiting in the local area. 

Mathematical Sciences Scholarship Fund

The Mathematical Sciences Scholarship Fund is a general fund that is used to give direct support to students. This comes in varying amounts and for varying purposes, from recognizing particularly strong achievement to helping a bit with books and tuition.


Donations can serve many purposes. If you have something particular in mind, please contact us. We are very happy to work to put donations to the use intended by the donor.