Instructor’s Testing Guide

The Mathematics Success Center (MSC) has a Testing Center available for both individual and whole class testing. Use of the testing is limited to those instructors who are teaching a math course and is NOT available for testing for other departments.

Please see the below information on Instructor’s Guide to Using the MSC for Testing and MSC Hours and Student Guidelines for Using the MSC; such as locker, cell phone, seating and ID procedures. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please see the Instructor on Duty in the MSC.

You may require your students to test at a particular time or you may allow them to come any time the Testing Center is open. Students must begin their testing at least one hour before the Testing Center closes. Tests will be picked up promptly at closing.

If you have any questions about these procedures, ask the Instructor on Duty in the MSC or email

Make-up exams for individual students may be given at any time, however, there are days that the Testing Center is closed to whole class testing due to the high volume of MSC students. Please check with the Instructor on Duty if you are planning to give a “whole-class” exam. We will do everything we can to accommodate all the needs of our department.

Please remind your students that they are not allowed to take backpacks into the Testing Center. Lockers are provided for student belongings, but the student must provide a lock.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in following the procedures and in not using the Testing Center during the above dates.


Instructor’s Guide to Using the MSC for Testing

To use the Mathematics Tutoring Center for whole-class testing if your testing does not coincide with the dates listed in the memo:

  1. Get a Testing Center Exam form from the Mathematics Testing Center booth.
  2. Fill in the information (Instructor, Course, Dates, Time Limit, what student is allowed to use, any special instructions, and the type of test. Note: If more than 10 students are taking this exam it is considered a whole-class exam). Leave the Student Name blank.
  3. Photocopy as many forms as there are students taking the exam. If you have more than one-course testing, please run the forms of each class on a different color of paper.
  4. Print the student names on the forms.
  5. If all of the students are taking the same exam, alphabetize the forms by student last name. If you have different versions of the exam, staple the forms to the exams and then alphabetize by student last name.
  6. Inform the MSC Instructor on Duty (IOD) that you are using the Testing Center for your students. The Instructor on Duty will see that your tests go into a hanging file folder alphabetically by your name last name in the first or second drawer of the file cabinet located in the Booth of the MSC. If you need more than one file, please let the IOD or the secretary know.
  7. For the whole class exams, you need to advise the IOD because the IOD’s calendar needs to be annotated with those date(s).
  8. After the student has taken the test they will go into a hanging file folder alphabetically by your name last name in the third or fourth drawer of the file cabinet located in the Booth of the MSC. You must then pick them up. You may take them as they come in or wait until your test deadline has passed.
  9. All outside tests will be processed in this manner.

Taking Test in the Testing Center

  1. The Mathematics Testing Center is located in Walden Hall 102.
  2. You are not allowed to take backpacks, notebooks, etc. into the Testing Center due to fire safety regulations. You must bring your own lock to secure your personal items in a locker outside the Testing Center. Items left in the lockers will be removed each night and placed in the Lost and Found in WH101. Locks left on a locker after the Testing Center has closed for the day will be cut off the locker. The contents of the locker will be turned in to the Instructor on Duty in WH 101. If not claimed within a few days, items will be sent to the Corbett Center Lost and Found. The Mathematics Success Center is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.
  3. Cell phones and pagers must be turned off before entering the Testing Center. If you answer a cell phone or pager during your test, your test will be considered completed.
  4. Go to the Test Booth when you enter the Testing Center to sign in (your name and global name). This will document your presence in case your test is misplaced.
  5. You will need a picture ID in order to take your test. You will only be allowed to use items such as calculators or cheat sheets that your instructor has allowed.
  6. If you are taking a timed exam, you are responsible for turning the exam in on time. The booth worker records the time you started the test. When you turn in your test, make sure the booth worker records the time.
  7. All exams are collected at the scheduled closing time.No exams will be given out during the last hour before closing. Exams are not timed, so you may take as much time as you need. Time spent checking your work will be time well spent.
  8. Seating is on a “first come, first served” basis. Immediate seating cannot be guaranteed, and some waiting in line may be necessary.
  9. Left-handed desks are available in the two outside rows in the Testing Center.
  10. Handicapped students who require special facilities should see the Mathematics Success Center Instructor on Duty in WH 101.

If you have questions about Testing Center procedures, please see the Mathematics Success Center Instructor on Duty in WH 101 or you can email