Math Emporium

Emporium Style Math: A S 103:  Quantitative Foundations


Purpose: This 3-credit course is designed to prepare students for college level mathematics. Specifically, this course is intended to prepare students for MATH 120/MATH 210G whose initial math placement is below that required for MATH 120/MATH 210G.

  • This course begins with initial assessments that create individual paths to mastery of fundamental skills, utilizing the computer-based system, ALEKS, facilitated by instructors and peer-learning assistants. Also covers strategies and campus resources to enhance scholastic achievement.
  • Traditional grading. Credits count toward the minimum 120 required for graduation.
  • Las Cruces campus only.
  • Students will need a laptop/chromebook or tablet. A laptop with a 12 or more inch screen is recommended.
  • Course meets MATH Basic Skills requirement with grade of C- or better.     (this is not yet listed in the catalog)
  • Does not require math placement exam. If MPE is taken, an MPL of either 0 or 1 is sufficient for placement into A S 103.  Students with an MPL of 0 may be better served by CCDM 105N or CCDM 103N.
  • Students who also place into CCDE 110N may consider a CCDM option instead of A S 103.
  • A S 103 is a good option for students who have some math skills and are comfortable learning via computer. While instructors and peer-learning assistants will be available to help students, the individual students will complete their work through ALEKS.
  • Depending on the progress made during A S 103, a student may be able to bypass MATH 120 and go straight into MATH 121G or STAT 251G. A strategy for communicating appropriate MATH/STAT placement for Spring 2017 will be developed before the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester.
  • Please contact Mathematical Sciences (646-3901) with any questions.