Math Success Center

Walden Hall, Room 101

Math Success Center

The Math Success Center (MSC) provides walk-in tutoring for 100- and 200-level mathematics and statistics courses. Our tutors are undergraduate students from a variety of STEM fields and graduate students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The purpose of the tutoring center is to help students to develop both conceptual understanding and computational skills needed to succeed in their math and stat courses. The room is configured for both individual and group study and for students to work on current assignments and to improve their general understanding of mathematics. We keep a suggestion box available at all times and conduct intermittent satisfaction surveys to ensure high-quality service to our students.






Free Tutoring is available on a walk-in basis in the Math Success Center, WH 101

Fall and Spring Semester Hours

Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Summer Session I Hours

Monday – Thursday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Friday                                   9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Math Placement Exam

In order to maximize student success in mathematics courses, New Mexico State University has mandatory placement guidelines in all mathematics courses. This means that you must establish that you meet the stated prerequisite in any mathematics course for which you enroll. This page will help you determine what courses you are currently eligible to take and how to change your current placement level.

Your initial placement is determined by a combination of Math ACT (ACTM) and high school grade point average. You may choose to substitute an SAT math score for an ACT math score. The combination of ACTM and GPA determines your Math Placement Level (MPL).

Check your initial placement:


If you are dissatisfied with your initial placement, you may choose to take the Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE). Your placement level can be raised if your (MPE) results are higher than the initial calculation based on your ACTM and GPA. You can only take the (MPE) twice. The results CANNOT lower your placement level.  If you do not have an ACT score or prefer not to take the (MPE), you will be placed into A S 103.

Look at practice MPE problems:

Math Placement Exam Practice Problems

Additional Information 

Instructors can find guidelines for how they can use the MSC for individual and/or class testing.

There are also a number of FAQ‘s related to the Math Success Center.

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