Recently Graduated PhDs

Abdullah Abu Rqayiq (2018)
Dissertation Title: Adaptive Dynamics and Unfoldings of Lotka-Volterra Models
Advisor: Ernest Barany

Qianning Liu (2018)
Dissertation Title: A Study of  Pharmacokinetic Models
Advisor: Robert Smits

Ibrahim Jawarneh (2018)
Dissertation Title: Applications of the Conley Index to Bifurcations in Selected Biological Systems
Advisor: Ross Staffeldt

Jose Espinosa Tintos (2017)
Dissertation Title: A Cup Product Structure for Cyclic Homology
Advisor: Gerald Lodder

Raymond Paulino (2017)
Dissertation Title: Minimal reductions of edge ideals
Advisor: Louiza Fouli

Francisco Avila (2017)
Dissertation Title: The frame of the p-adic numbers
Advisor: Patrick Morandi

Weizhong Tian (2016)
Dissertation Title: Distortion Risk Measures and Multivariate Distributions Based on Skew Normal Settings
Advisor: Tonghui Wang

Zahi Fawaz (2016)
Dissertation Title: Bounded Archimedean f-rings
Advisor: Patrick Morandi

Lokendra Paudel (2015)
Dissertation Title: The group of invertible fractional ideals of a Prüfer intersection of valuation rings
Advisor: Bruce Olberding

Deepak Basyal (2015)
Dissertation Title: A 1933 Nepali mathematics and astrology book Śis’ubodha Taran˙gini˙ II: Translation and commentary on mathematics chapters
Advisor: David Pengelley and Patricia Baggett

Meredith Anderson (2015)
Dissertation Title: Character varieties of twice-punctured torus bundles
Advisor: Ross Staffeldt

Feras Yousef (2015)
Dissertation Title: Mathematical analysis of a Landau-De Gennes phenomenological model for bent-core liquid crystals
Advisor: Tiziana Giorgi

Qingsong Shan (2015)
Dissertation Title: Measures of association and dependence through copulas
Advisor: Tonghui Wang

Julio Urenda Castaneda (2015)
Dissertation Title: Algorithmic aspects of the embedding problem
Advisor: David Finston

Zheng Wei (2015)
Dissertation Title: Multivariate affiliation and the joint distribution of random set vectors with copulas
Advisor: Tonghui Wang

Pradip Aryal (2014)
Dissertation Title: A study of the behavior of Brownian motion under brachistochrone-type metrics
Advisor: Robert Smits

Imad Jaradat (2013)
Dissertation Title: Equivariant Triviality of Proper Ga-actions on Ar4.
Advisor: David Finston

Van Thi Hong Vo (2013)
Dissertation Title: Transition Density Monotonicity of the Reflected J-Bessel Process.
Advisor: Dante DeBlassie

Simplice Tchamna Kouna (2013)
Dissertation Title: The Ideal Completion of a Noetherian Local Domain
Advisor: Bruce Olberding

Taewon Yang (2013)
Dissertation Title: The Logic of Bundles
Advisor: John Harding

Dilia Rueda (2012)
Dissertation Title: Construction of Ga-Bundles Over the Winkelmann Quotient
Advisor: David Finston

Jean-Jacques Kengwoung-Keumo (2012)
Dissertation Title: Competition Between Two Phytoplankton Species Under Predation and Allelopathic Effects
Advisor: Mary Ballyk

Milos Savic (2012)
Dissertation Title: Proof and Proving
Advisor: Annie Selden

Phan Nguyen (2012)
Dissertation Title: Biorthogonal Multiwavelets Adapted to Boundary Value Problems
Advisor: Joseph Lakey

Zuhier Altawallbeh (2012)
Dissertation Title: On the Map from Leibniz to Hochschild Homology
Advisor: Gerald Lodder

Joshua Hren (2012)
Dissertation Title: Fibers of Complete Scalar Extensions
Advisor: Bruce Olberding

Ana Vivas Mejia (2011)
Dissertation Title: Dynamics of a “Saiqr” Influenza Model
Advisor: Ernest Barany

Emmanuel Kengni Ncheuguim (2011)
Dissertation Title: Option Pricing with Transaction Costs and Stochastic Volatility
Advisor: Maria Mariani

Maria Beccar Varela (2011)
Dissertation Title: Stochastic Analysis of Poverty and Inequality Measures with Applications to Egypt Data
Advisor: Tonghui Wang

Nagwa Albehery (2011)
Dissertation Title: Statistical Analysis of Poverty and Inequality Measures with Applications to Egypt Data
Advisor: Tonghui Wang

Osama Ta’ani (2011)
Dissertation Title: An Analysis of the Contents and Pedagogy of Al-Kashi’s 1427 Key to Arithmetic (Miftah Al-Hisab)
Advisor: David Pengelley and Patricia Baggett

Luke Diaz (2011)
Dissertation Title: Discrete Morse Theoretic Analysis of the Homology and Homotopy Type of Certain Bounded Degree Graph Complexes
Advisor: Ross Staffeldt

Joel Lucero-Bryan (2009)
Dissertation Title: Modal Logics of Some Subspaces of the Real Numbers
Advisor: Guram Bezhanishvili

John Sanders (2010)
Dissertation Title: Studying Periodic Knots Using Braids and the Vogel Algorithm
Advisor: Ross Staffeldt

Uyen Pham (2010)
Dissertation Title: Contributions to Statistical Analysis of Financial Risks
Advisor: Hung Nguyen

Guy Roger Biyogmam (2010)
Dissertation Title: On the Leibniz (CO)Homology of the Lie Algebra of the Euclidean Group
Advisor: Gerald Lodder

Marc Salas (2010)
Dissertation Title: Parabolic Problems Arising in Financial Mathematics and Semiconductor Physics
Advisor: Maria Mariani

Qin Yang (2010)
Dissertation Title: Regular Completions of Lattices
Advisor: John Harding

Suzanne Galayda (2010)
Dissertation Title: Effect of the Diffusion Coefficient on Noise Expression in the Logistic Equation and Single Microbe Model of the Chemostat
Advisor: Ernest Barany

Michael Eydenberg (2009)
Dissertation Title: Kernel Methods on Ω — Ultradistributions
Advisor: Josefina Alvarez

Hien Tran (2009)
Dissertation Title: Modeling of Course Data and Financial Risk Analysis
Advisor: Hung Nguyen

Jean Nganou (2009)
Dissertation Title: Decomposition of Division Algebras Into Tensor Product of Cyclic Algebras
Advisor: Patrick Morandi

Olivier Heubo Kwegna (2009)
Dissertation Title: Kronecker Function Rings of Field Extensions
Advisor: Bruce Olberding

Scott Izu (2009)
Dissertation Title: Eigenvalue Estimates and Sampling for Time-Frequency Localization Operations
Advisor: Joseph Lakey

Hubert Noussi (2008)
Dissertation Title: Stabilization of Competition Models in the Chemostat Via Feedback Linearization
Advisor: Ernie Barany

Moh’d Mahmoud Fares Yasein (2006)
Dissertation Title: Polynomial and Finite-Type of Invariants of Theta-Curves
Advisor: Ted Stanford

Hamed Obiedat (2006)
Dissertation Title: Topological characterization of the Schwartz Space and the Beurling-Bjork Space
Advisor: Josefina Alvarez

Lloyd Moyo (2006)
Dissertation Title: Codomains for the Cauchy-Reimann Operator, Laplace Operator and the Product Laplace Operator in the Context of the S’-Convolution.
Advisor: Josefina Alvarez

Baokun Li (2006)
Dissertation Title: Cochran’s theorems and estimation with finite random set data
Advisor: Hung Nguyen