Statistics Group

Faculty Interest

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John Harding

Areas of interest: Logic and Foundations.
Research Topics: fractal geometry and fuzzy logic.


professor robert smitsRobert Smits

Areas of interest: Stochastic analysis, Brownian motion, Heat kernels and Spectral theory with Applications to Mathematical Finance and Heat Transfer.
Research Topics: Heat kernels in unbounded domains, Stochastic interest rate models and Bessel processes, Spectral theory for Robin boundary value problems.

Professor tianJianjun (Paul) Tian

Areas of interest:Applied mathematics, mathematical biology, and biostatistics

professor tony wangTony Wang

Areas of interest: Multivariate linear Models, Cochran’s theorems, and Foundations of statistics with random sets.
Research Topics: Inferences in Growth curve models, Wishartness of quadratic forms in mixed linear models, and Inferences in multivariate components of variance models.

Emeritus Faculty

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Charles Swartz

Areas of interest: Functional analysis

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Carol Walker

Areas of interest: Algebra and Fuzzy Logic