Mathematical Sciences

Departmental Weekly Events

February 22 – 26, 2021



Monday, February 22

  • Algebra Seminar, Linear Strands Supported on Cell Complexes, Keller Vandebogert, University of South Carolina. 12:10 online chat, talk 12:30PM – 1PM. 976 2397 3071.

Abstract: In this talk, we will consider linear strands of ideals that can be supported on a cell complex. It turns out that certain classes of "rainbow" monomial ideals will always have this property; as a consequence, any such ideal with linear resolution must have cellular resolution. We will then look at some conditions ensuring linearity (that can be turned into an equivalence with an extra assumption), and apply these results to say some words about polarizations of Artinian monomial ideals. Some of this work is joint with Ayah Almousa.


Tuesday, February 23

  • Probability Seminar, Potential theory and Markov processes, Adina Oprisan. 9AM – 10AM. 986 6747 1632.


Wednesday, February 24

  • Statistics Seminar, Wishart matrices and the semicircle law, Adina Oprisan. 2:30PM. 925 7794 4141.


Thursday, February 25



Friday, February 26

  • Colloquium, TBA., Gail Wolkovicz, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. 12:05-12:30pm online chat, talk 12:30-1:30pm. 933 5990 2942.
  • Math Biology Seminar, Mathematical Analysis for Medical Modeling, CONTINUED., Tuan Phan 3:30PM. 939 3228 5153.