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November 28 – November 3, 2022



Monday, November 28

          -- Algebra Seminar,“A Very Non-Noetherian Ring in a Noetherian Setting”, Bruce Olberding, 12:30PM ­– 1:30PM. SH 235 and Zoom. Link: 944 6111 4862

Abstract: There exist a great variety of non-Noetherian rings (and Noetherian rings, for that matter) but some of the textbook non-Noetherian examples occur in settings that are less familiar. In this talk we do a side-by-side comparison of a certain Noetherian ring and a certain non-Noetherian ring that occur together in a very natural setting. One is familiar (a polynomial ring), and the other not so much (a holomorphy ring). We use these examples to mention some different approaches to commutative algebra that share familiar origins but different goals.


Tuesday, November 29

          -- No Events


Wednesday, November 30

          -- Faculty Meeting, John Harding, 12:30PM ­– 1:30PM. Link: 920 3230 2976


Thursday, December 1

          -- No Events


Friday, December 2

          -- No Events






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