Mathematical Sciences

Weekly Events


April 22nd – April 26th, 2024




Monday, April 22


  • No Algebra Seminar 




Tuesday, April 23


  • No Events




Wednesday, April 24


  • No Events




Thursday, April 25


  • Analysis Seminar, "C*-Algebra Categories and Their Applications". Menevse Eryuzlu, University of Colorado Boulder. 12:00PM – 1:00PM. Science Hall 107 and Zoom. Link: 861 5397 0019.

Abstract: C*-algebras are algebras of bounded operators on Hilbert space, which were introduced to study quantum mechanics. Many types of C*-algebras are created from a certain object called C*-correspondence, which is a bimodule over C*-algebras. I will introduce two categories constructed by using C*-algebras and C*-correspondences. We will see that many important questions in C*-correspondence theory can be answered by investigating these questions in a categorical setting. 




Friday, April 26


  • No Colloquium 
  • No Geometry and Topology Seminar



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