Probability and Statistics Group

Faculty Interest


Dante DeBlassie

Areas of interest: Probability, stochastic processes and connections with analysis.
Research topics: Brownian motion, reflected Brownian motion and conditioned Brownian motion; stochastic differential equations and diffusion processes; symmetric stable processes; p-Laplacian.


Robert Smits

Areas of interest: Stochastic analysis, Brownian motion, Heat kernels and Spectral theory with Applications to Mathematical Finance and Heat Transfer.
Research Topics: Heat kernels in unbounded domains, Stochastic interest rate models and Bessel processes, Spectral theory for Robin boundary value problems.

Jianjun (Paul) Tian

Areas of interest: Applied mathematics, mathematical biology, and biostatistics.

Adina Oprisan

Areas of interests: Probability and stochastic processes, mathematical statistics.
Research topics:  Limit theorems, large deviations, Markov and semi-Markov processes, randomly perturbed dynamical systems, autoregressive processes, random matrices.


Tony Wang

Areas of interest: Multivariate linear Models, Cochran’s theorems, and Foundations of statistics with random sets.
Research Topics: Inferences in Growth curve models, Wishartness of quadratic forms in mixed linear models, and Inferences in multivariate components of variance models.

Emeritus Faculty


Hung Nguyen 

Hung Nguyen is a highly-cited researcher working in statistics and broadly with reasoning under uncertainty. He has significant work in fuzzy logic, random sets, finance and risk, intelligent systems, and control. He has over 100 papers and numerous textbooks.