Math Placement Exam

Math Placement Exam
In order to maximize student success in mathematics courses, New Mexico State University has mandatory placement guidelines in all mathematics courses. This means that you must establish that you meet the stated prerequisite in any mathematics course for which you enroll. This page will help you determine what courses you are currently eligible to take and how to change your current placement level.
Your initial Math Placement Level (MPL) is typically determined by a combination of your Math ACT (ACTM) or SAT math score together with your high school grade point average. If you have these scores, you can check your initial placement here.
Due to COVID-19, many students are lacking ACT and SAT scores. For these students we are using the Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE). 
If you are an NMSU student wanting to take the MPE, fill in the MPE REQUEST FORM. You will receive an invitation to take the exam in your NMSU email within 24 hours.
The MPE is proctored using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor. It is important for you to familiarize yourself with the set-up procedure in advance of the assessment; information can be found here.
Note: You may not use your own calculator on the MPE; one will be provided in the browser window. You may use scrap paper.