Analysis Group

With the support of the National Science Foundation, our group organizes the annual New Mexico Analysis Seminar jointly with analysts from the University of New Mexico.

Faculty Interest 


Jameson Cahill

Applied Harmonic Analysis

Xuemei Chen

Applied Harmonic Analysis, Sparse Signal Recovery: compressed sensing, frame theory, and fast linear solvers for high dimensional data

Dante De Blassie

Probability: Brownian motion, reflected Brownian motion and conditioned Brownian motion; stochastic differential equations and diffusion processes; symmetric stable processes; exit times.

Andres Contreras Marcillo

Calculus of Variation, Nonlinear Analysis

Joseph Lakey

Harmonic Analysis: time-frequency analysis, wavelets, information theory and applications to signal processing, discrete dynamical systems.

Emeritus Faculty 



Dick Bagby

Real and Harmonic Analysis: Classical analysis in Euclidean space. Convolution and Fourier multipliers. Continuity properties of operators and bounds for maximal functions in terms of function space norms. Questions of pointwise convergence.


Chuck Swartz

Functional Analysis: topological vector spaces, infinite matrices and gliding hump properties in sequence and function spaces, vector and operator valued series, vector-valued measures, and integrals.


Doug Kurtz

Harmonic Analysis: maximal functions, singular integrals, multipliers, Littlewood-Paley operators, weighted norm inequalities.


Christopher Stuart 

Functional Analysis: uniform boundedness principles, barrelled spaces, the topological vector space properties of sequence spaces.