Kist Fellowship

Thanks to the generous endowment of Joseph Kist, the department is introducing our Kist Fellows program. These are awards for incoming graduates students that will pay tuition throughout the ordinary course of their program. They may be held together with the usual Graduate Assistant salary of approximately $19-20 K per 9 month year.

While the Graduate Assistant salary alone is enough to live on reasonably, paired with the Kist Fellowship and lower cost of living in Las Cruces, these Fellowships make us competitive with graduate programs across the country.

There are a limited number of Kist Fellowships available. No special application is required, all incoming students will automatically be considered for these. For Master’s students, the Fellowship is for 2 years, and for Ph.D. students four years. In all cases, the student must maintain a 3.5 GPA and be making adequate progress towards their degree.