Fall 2021 Edition 

Spring 2021 Edition

The department of Mathematical Sciences is running the competition “Math Problem of the Week”. This competition will run for the remaining of the Fall 2021 semester. Each week a new problem will be announced and we welcome solutions from everyone. We welcome solutions for everyone and the undergraduate participant from NMSU main campus with the most correct solutions at the end of the semester will receive an award of $500. If there are more than one winners, this amount will be divided among all of them. The problems from the competition do not assume much background and everyone is encouraged to participate. At the end of the semester, the participants that submit correct solutions to at least half of the problems, regardless of their status (student, faculty, staff, etc.), will receive a Honorable Mention and their names will be listed on this webpage. 

Solutions can be submitted to mathpotw@nmsu.edu

Below is the list of the problems per week:

Problem of the Week 1 (link) due Monday, September 27, 10am.

Problem of the Week 2 (link) due Monday, October 4, 10am.

Problem of the Week 3 (link) due Monday, October 11, 10am.

Problem of the Week 4 (link) due Monday, October 18, 10am.

Problem of the Week 5 (link) due Monday, October 25, 10am.


Solutions to the Problems of the week:

Problem of the Week 1 Solution (link)

Problem of the Week 2 Solution (link)