Welcome to the Math Tutoring Center


For those looking for in person tutoring, we are located in SH 250 and SH 252. Here you will find tutors who can assist you with everything from pre-algebra through calculus including statistics. Our tutors are graduate students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences and undergraduate students from a variety of STEM fields. During times of high demand, tutoring sessions may be limited to 30 minutes to allow everyone an opportunity to get help. Also, please limit all questions to those directly related to our Math courses. All other subjects (chemistry, engineering, physics, etc...) will need to seek out alternate forms of tutoring.



The purpose of the tutoring center is to help students to develop both the conceptual understanding and the computational skills needed to succeed in their math and stat courses.  Your tutor will not do your homework, assist with exams, or just give you the answer. They will be able to assist you best if you have attempted the work on your own first.

Our goal is to provide a positive and friendly learning environment.  Accordingly, we expect visitors to adhere to NMSU's “Student Code of Conduct” (https://arp.nmsu.edu/5-22/).  Those individuals unwilling to adhere to these policies will be asked to leave the tutoring center.  Any questions, comments, or concerns can be submitted to math@nmsu.edu.


Frequently Asked Questions


Summer I Hours:*

Monday thru Friday

11 am - 5 pm

*Hours are subject to change, valid for 5/22 - 6/26.




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