Department of Mathematical Sciences

Major Kist Endowment finalized! 

Interview season begins, many interesting talks in logic and statistics are coming! 


Our pages are under construction at the moment, sorry about the mess. 

The department offers courses in mathematics and statistics leading to the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree. At the Bachelor’s level we have several options for career preparation, such as applied mathematics and actuarial science. 

Our faculty has research groups in many areas of pure and applied mathematics, and in mathematics education. Strengths lie in commutative algebra, logic and foundations, probability and statistics, dynamical systems, mathematical biology, variational methods in partial differential equations especially relevant to materials science, and applied and computational harmonic analysis with applications to machine learning and data analysis. 

We provide courses for other disciplines throughout the NMSU main campus. This includes the sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, agriculture, business, and education. This includes preparatory and general education courses that ensure every student has the quantitative and reasoning skills needed every career now demands. 

The department’s mission is to provide core education in mathematics and statistics that prepares graduate and undergraduate students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world. 

The Math Success Center offers free tutoring services to students in all majors. 

Science Hall: Home of the math department office, faculty offices, and math classrooms.Walden Hall: Home of the Math Success Center, math classes, and faculty offices.Kist interest checkprofessor tiziana giorgi



The Kist Endowment is finalized!

Ziwei Ma wins the Deans Award for Excellence, the highest honor for graduate students in our college. 

The Department Newsletter is out

Tiziana Giorgi and Xuemei Chen each receive NSF grants. 

Charles and Nita Swartz, have endowed a Chair in Mathematical Sciences! Dante DeBlassie is the first holder.