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Welcome to the Department of Mathematical Sciences at New Mexico State University.

Mathematics plays a vital role in the world around us more than ever, and people who have the basic skills to develop and apply mathematical models and abstract mathematical reasoning are highly sought by employers. The financial, insurance, energy, and transportation sectors, various manufacturing industries, sports, film and other entertainment, and industries that support social media, are just a few of the industries, besides education and government, that seek employees with strong quantitative backgrounds, particularly math degrees.

The department offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in Mathematics with several options for career preparation, especially in the Bachelor’s program.  Further information about these programs can be found under Academics.

The department has internationally recognized research groups in algebra, especially commutative algebra, in logic and foundations, and in topology.  It also has first-rate groups in analysis and applied math, especially in probability and statistics, dynamical systems and mathematical biology, variational methods in partial differential equations especially relevant to materials science, and applied and computational harmonic analysis with applications to machine learning and data analysis problems.  Several regular seminars and colloquia support advanced training and present exciting new developments in these areas.  Further information can be found under Research. The department’s mission is to provide core education in mathematics and statistics that prepares graduate and undergraduate students to be knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the world. Part of this mission is to serve the NMSU main campus with basic mathematics and statistics training relevant to engineering and traditional and emerging sciences, business, agriculture, and consumer sciences, education, social sciences and, of course, arts and humanities, to ensure that graduates in every discipline have quantitative skills that virtually every career now demands.

The Math Success Center offers free tutoring services to ensure that students have every opportunity to acquire these skills.

Science Hall: Home of the math department office, faculty offices, and math classrooms.Walden Hall: Home of the Math Success Center, math classes, and faculty offices.professor tiziana giorgi
We are accepting applications for two tenure-track positions in Foundations and Statistics/Probability/Data Science. See Mathjobs. 
Our colleague of many years, Amal Mostafa, passed away recently. 
Tiziana Giorgi and Xuemei Chen each receive NSF grants. 
Prof. Dante DeBlassie is the first holder.
James Lewis receives the Dean’s Undergraduate Award for Excellence.