BLAST is a conference series focusing on


Boolean Algebras
Lattices, Algebraic and Quantum logic
Universal Algebra
Set Theory
Set-theoretic and Point-free Topology

The series is based in the mountain/western/midwest region, and circulates between different universities. 

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Update June 7, 2021
The Zoom links will not be published on the webpage, but they were sent to all the registered participants. If you haven’t received them, please feel free to email us.

Important dates

11 18  April



Deadline for submitting abstracts of contributed talks

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9   June  2021   Start of the conference
13   June  2021   End of the conference


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Special sessions

  • A special session dedicated to the memory of W. Charles Holland (1935-2020) and Jorge Martinez (1945-2020)
    Organizers: Rick Ball and Warren McGovern

    Holland's Black Swamp book

    • When European settlers reached the upper Midwest in the early 19th century, they encountered a vast swamp, roughly 25 x 100 miles in extent, abutting the southern edge of Lake Erie. The Black Swamp was impenetrable during most of the year; horses sank up to their bellies, and malaria was endemic to the area. Wildlife was abundant; flocks of game birds used to darken the sun. The backbreaking labor of several generations was required to drain the swamp, and the resulting farm land became some of the richest in the Midwest. However, the ecological consequences of development have been dire, with frequent toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie due to fertilizer runoff.
      In 1972 Charles Holland joined the faculty of Bowling Green State University, located in Toledo, Ohio, site of the former Black Swamp. Charles was a leading light in research on lattice ordered groups and related topics, and it was his habit to carry a book to conferences and to ask colleagues to record questions, conjectures, and comments. The Black Swamp book is a record of the development of the theory of l-groups and related subjects over several decades, handwritten by numerous mathematicians on numerous occasions in numerous contexts and locations.
      Many of these problems appear in the article "Unsolved Problems in Ordered and Orderable Groups," by Bludov, Glass, Kopytov, and Medvedev, https://arxiv.org/pdf/0906.2621.pdf. As the title suggests, this list is heavily oriented towards group theory.

      Holland's Black Swamp book (PDF, 10mb)


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