Tribute to Hiram Hadley

“Founder of College Called by Death”The Round-Up, Vol. 16, No. 14, Dec. 12, 1922

The funeral of Honorable Hiram Hadley, founder of the Mew Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, was held at Hadley Hall, Thursday afternoon, at two o’clock, the Rev. Ira H. McClymonds presiding. The funeral opened with a hymn, “Nearer My God to Thee,” by a community quartette. Reverend McClymonds pronounced the scriptures, followed by a short talk by Mr. H. A. Sutherland on the life of Hiram Hadley. Prayer by Rev. HcClymonds, followed by the Hymn, “Jesus Lover of My Soul,” concluded the services at Hadley Hall. The funeral procession to the grave was a mile in length. The body of President Hadley was placed to rest in the Masonic Cemetery at Las Cruces.

Hiram Hadley was born March 17, 1833, in Clinton County, Ohio, and died December 3, 1922, in Kansas City, Mo., at the Christian Church Hospital where he underwent an operation for cancer. He came to New Mexico in 1887. He was the father of education in the state. In the fall of 1888 he opened the Las Cruces College in the old building at the northwest corner of Anador and South Alameda Streets. This later became a State institution under the name of the Agricultural College of New Mexico, and later, the New Mexico College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts. Tne Administration Suilding carries his name to this day. Besides being the founder and first president of the New Mexico Colleqe of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Hiram Hadley was one time Acting President of the University of New Mexico, at Albuquerque.

Mr. Hadley also started the first public school in this part of the state. There were three principal items Mr. Hadley wished to see accomplished during his life, namely: National Prohibition, Woman Suffrage, and International Peace. During his life he had seen two of these accomplished, and wonderful progress toward the third. Mr. Hadley is survived by his widow and two daughters, Miss Anna Hadley of Mesilla Park, and Mrs. Allen of Chicago. The death of Hiram Hadley is a great blow to the College and to the people of the Mesilla Valley.

“Memorial Services Held Sunday Afternoon ByCollege and Neighboring Communities”

The Round-Up, Vol. 16, No. 1L&, Dec. 12, 1922

As a tribute to the notable work of Hon. Hiram Hadley for the New Mexico A ~ M College, memorial services were held last Sunday afternoon in honor of his memory. The services were for the College and the entire Mesilla Valley. Tributes to the memory of the great educator were paid by those who had known the President during his lifetime.

The meeting was presided over by Numa C. Frenger, of the Board of Regents of the College. The invocation was pronounced by Rev. Hunter Lewis, of Mesilla Park. Hon. R. L. Young, of Las Cruces, gave a short biographical sketch of President Hadley, followed by a solo by Mrs. Baylus Cade.

The following tributes and appreciations of Hiram Hadley were given:

John V. Conway, State Superintendent of Education, for the State Department of Education.

Charles E. Hodgkin, for the University of New Mexico.

Harry L. Kent, for the New Mexico College of A. & M. A.

Fabian Garcia, for the Graduating Class of 1894.

Oscar C. Snow, for the Alumni of the institution.

Clarence T. Hagerty, for the first faculty of the institution.

John R. McFie, after whom McFie Hall was named, for the founders of the College.

Francis E. Lester, for the community.

The benediction was pronounced by Rev. Ira H. McClymonds.